Study In Canada

Canada Overview
Canada has 15th- largest economy in the world & it is one of the world’s wealthiest nations & is a associate of the association for Economic assistance & Development. Most of Canada’s producing do business is found within the provinces of Ontario & Quebec. Canada largely produces food & beverages, paper & related product, primary metals, petrochemicals & chemicals. Canada is one of the worldwide leaders of the entertainment software business. International students present Canada with additional economic prospect. Due to their many specialties & ties they have the prospective to improve entrepreneurship & modernization in Canada & develop the scale of Canada’s worldwide business. Canada’s increasing International student population betokens well for Canadian companies that perform trade abroad.

Why Study in Canada?
Study in Canada has been the world’s most excellent academic systems in the world. Canada has every time maintained its reputation as an attractive education fulcrum due to a multiplicity of factors including its universal appreciation & status, affordability & abundant explore opportunities. Canada is attractive the nation of choice for students from all parts of the globally. It has been ranked among the best in international measurements of academics, administration transparency, excellence of life, & trade and industry independence. For a nation that measures top amongst the OECD countries in conditions of its overall superiority of life, its education & living expenses are lower than one may speculate, especially while compared with other supreme education hubs like USA & UK. Total of 13universities from Canada are known in the world’s top 200 by QS including 3that come into view in the Top 50. Canadian Institutes, charge less education fees for International students than their counterparts in contending countries & at the similar time, sustain outstanding educational quality.

The Diplomas & degrees from Canada’s- Institutions are among the majority frequently recognized in the worldwide. The education system of Canada encompasses of SPP & Non SPP Universities & Colleges. Students have various options of Universities & Community colleges offering a large array of programs. Along with studies students are allowed to work first 6months on campus & after that off-campus.

Education in Canada is different from other countries education, depending on the province or territory. Education is offered in both English & French. Mostly education is done in English language. For International students tuition fee is comparatively lower in Canada than other countries such as USA, UK & Australia. The Canadian Universities have different fees from each other & it varies on some reasons like program for which International student is examining. Level of educations like Graduate & Undergraduate. Tuition fee for u/g is around CAD$ 15000 & for graduate is CAD$ 10,000-$16,000. International students not only because of reasonable tuition fee prefer to have education in Canada but also because of great standard living, structured facilities & most significantly value of Canadian degree is much valuable across the globe & majority of International students select to go for U/g studies after their 12th for 3-4 years because of such bunch of advantages. For International students it’s easy to appreciate when we divide it in three parts: – a) Application fee b) Tuition fees & Cost of living c) Other cost. For studying in Canada it is compulsory to give entrance exams such as GMAT/GRE & language proficiency test IELTS/ TOEFL.

Canada manages different grade of levels of Greater which facilitates international flexibility:

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Diploma & Certificates

Education system In Canada
The Canadian academic system covers Certificate, Diploma, Advance Diploma, Graduate, Post Graduate degrees. At the post- secondary level, organizations are divided into community colleges & Universities. A significant number of University graduates & colleges upon completion of their degree in order to acquire professional assistances of employment.

The degrees from Canadian Institution are most usually accepted in the world. The education system in Canada has both public & private institutions.

Community Colleges
Public colleges are typically more career oriented, with small courses, a greater percentage of laboratory space to courses & cooperative teaching classes.

Types Of Designation :-

 Bachelor’s degree :-
Are awarded by Public Colleges/ Universities/ Colleges after 4 years of full time study and behavior to graduate level studies.

Post Graduate Certificate :-
This leads to Maters Degree these packages provide full period opportunities to gain useful experience along with academic studies.

Masters Degree :-
Graduates who have an attention in further knowledge and investigation & expand their career facilities.

Documents Required :-

  • Educational records from 10th STD onwards.
  • A latest resume.
  • Two Letter of Reference
  • Certificate of language expertise (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Statement of purpose

Study Programs:-

  • Accounting
  • Business Admission
  • Hospitality & Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology & many more….

Application Procedure :-
To be confident for obtaining greatest academics in Canada students can register in Join In Campus. They get the finest assistance by JIC after the registration complete all the stages from Entrance to Visa.

Once you register with JIC you get the greatest excellence assistance.

We support student in profiling his papers, showing funds, educational qualifications etc..

Consistent test:-
We evaluate the requirement of any standardized exams you may need to take and analysis the outcomes that has been previously achieved.

University & Program selection:-
We assistance to choose potential countries, universities & courses that related your academic profile.

Application Submission:-
The submission form is filled, studied & submitted to the university that has been select.

Interview preparation:-
We support in preparation for the interviews that you may have with the selected university.

Visa Counseling:-
We support in preparation for the interviews that you may have with high commissions & embassies & review of documents for submission of visa request.

Pre-departure Information:-
We offer you all the information about the country their life style, living expenses, etc. all the significant information of your choice & guarantee that you are fully prepared for life at an foreign university.

Top Tourist attraction In Canada:-

  • The Rocky Mountains.
  • The Northern lights.
  • Niagara Falls.
  • Royal Ontario Museum.
  • Toronto’s Ripley’s Aquarium.

Living In Canada:-
Before talking about Accommodation in Canada it is important for international students to be aware about the climatic conditions of the place to be prepared. On an average, a student spends around CND$ 10,000-CND$ 12,000 per year. Even if we appear at the house prices in Canada they are reasonably very much affordable. The prices be different in Canada according to the areas, like higher in big cities but relatively lower in rural areas. Students who can afford without difficulty can take pleasure in living in the mildest weather conditions of Canada in Ontario and Toronto where the house prices are high. On the additional hand the prices are logically low in Manitoba & Prince Edward Island where international students are able to afford the accommodation effortlessly.

Health Insurance
Insurance Policy for International students is compulsory in Canada. As students have to stay abroad for the long time. While making an insurance policy student has to be concerned that it covers medical operating cost, personal accident, dental treatment, passport loss etc. As Insurance is mostly cashless so student doesn’t have to pay at the time of hospitalization.