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About Poland

Poland is a modern facility and componentcountryfull of with lifetime open doors for young peopleenthusiastic to get excellence training, upgrade their vision, improveabilities and lift worldwideknowledge. It is a centre spanning East and West, North and South, combiningmulticulturaldemeanour and rich verifiable legacy. With more than 1.5 million students it has one of the bestsignificant schooling files in Europe.

Polish colleges exhibition the most elevated standards of educating, meet all superiority criteria and are spinning out to be progressively worldwide. They constantly push ahead and generate, being the key thrust of Poland’s example of overwhelming adversity. Glorious and liberal teachers, student-focused supervise; modern facility workplaces and avariety of courses trained in foreign languages make Polish colleges outstandingly attractive for outdoor students. It will all serve you to boost your self- upgrading and expert occupation.

Education System Poland

A main part of the Poland higher education marketplace is involved of private schools and colleges. There are about 310 private colleges and universities and 138 government schools of higher education. This has carried about an unusual competition that has given Poland brought down prices for considering than in many other European nations. The higher education system is one of best calibre and all leading colleges offer schemes thought in English, inside study varieties, for example, medicine, engineering, humanities, business, and fund. Additional than 100 higher education foundation in Poland right now offer study programs in English. Poland has occupied a energetic part in the Bologna Procedure. The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) permits students to be geographically adaptable and progress with their education in different countries.

There is no central association for admission. Rather, every establishment is in charge of their own admission system. Be that as it may, every applicant should by and great hold a “development authorization” to meet all necessities for admission in Poland.

Admission Requirements for Poland

For Bachelors

To apply for selected study program starting in October for fall semester and February for the spring semester, an applicant ought to contact the admission office of the selected University especially by email (telephone/fax) or through one of its abroad employment workplaces.

On the off chance that candidate requires a visa to stay and study in the region of European Union, he or she should to apply for selected program enough before, with the goal that selects concerning visa issuance is made before the fall/spring semester starts.

Documents Required for Bachelors Candidates

  • Secondary school endorsement or an official copy issued by the candidate’s secondary school.
  • Application Form
  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of ID (passport)
  • Certificate of the English speaking capability alternatively
  • Medical Certificate with no contraindication for studying
  • Admission fees instalment receipt.

Documents Required for Master candidates

  • Undergraduate program diploma or an official copy issued by the college.
  • Applicant’s CV with the insights about the school and expert profession alternatively.
  • One academic reference and one individual reference alternatively
  • Application form
  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of ID (passport)
  • Evidence of English speaking
  • Medicinal endorsement with no contraindication for contemplating,
  • Admission expense instalment receipt.