Study In USA

USA Overview
The constitution that represent federal republic is given the name to United States of America. The United States of America has been all over organizer in the field of education, setting standards for excellence of education, its allegiance to brilliance, the complete scope for research and education elasticity in different streams as is authentic in the talent that’s grow and create in the Top Ranking Universities of USA. There are many symbols that represent USA. Some of the most famous are the US flags, The Statue Of Liberty, The Lincoln memorial, the White house and many more. The USA flag consists of 13 equal parallel stripes. There is one for the each of the first thirteen colonies of the United States. As there are fifty states in United States, there are fifty stars on the American flag one star for each state. United States has the biggest consumer market in the world. USA is not only having the largest economy but also is the one of the most established state in the world.

Why study in USA
USA is the third-largest state by spreading over an area land and population. It is one of the world’s most virtuous diverse and multicultural nations, due to large-scale immigration from many countries. There is the breadth of knowledge is a diverse range of subjects exceptional especially for aspiring leaders of the future. As a result of different learning from top value faculty and overall student cultural development their commitment to brilliance remains successful. i.e. from 100 Top World Universities 40 Universities are in US. additional over 6 of the Top 10 Universities in the world are also in United States.

The skilled manpower is largely immigrants. USA has a inspiring culture and healthy economy as it has been the on crossroads of across the world influences of immigrants from all over the world.

USA has top Universities and hosts more worldwide students than any other state. US degrees are recognized around the world for their educational excellence and superior learning experiences.

USA is acknowledged for their latest technologies and progression which gives student a superior chance to make their future in their fields. USA has always been the centre of attraction of inventions. Students therefore have first end understanding about cutting edge technologies with outstanding research opportunities.

Education System in USA
USA has the majority flexible education organization; students can study in their field of interest. As the education system is not centralized every institution can establish its course & entrance standards.

Types of organization

Community Colleges :
Inform superior education and minor level degree education, certificates & diplomas & connections degree.

Community Universities :
All levels of degree with different fields of study are accessible. Community universities are simple for students to pay. There are many outstanding Public universities.

Classified Universities :
Classified Institutions run without the control of administration entity. Education cost of these institutions is higher but the beneficiary part is that education fees are similar for equally International & domestic students.

Technical Universities :
This institute emphasizes focused on engineering & science they are famous for their study & graduate programs. Undergraduates that are admitted to this university should have extremely strong records in mathematics & sciences.

Types of Degrees

Bachelors Degree :
The period of Bachelors degree is 4years.Students who have fulfilled a division of their undergraduate degree & would like to go to USA, can apply as a move program. IELTS exam is necessary in USA.

Masters Degree :
The period of master’s degree is of one to two year it depends on University & your field of specialization.GRE, GMAT exams are necessary for management, arts, and science programs.

  • Management
  • Nursing
  • Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Arts and Designing and many more…

Documents Required :-

  • Education records from 10th STD onwards.
  • A latest resume.
  • Two Letter of Reference
  • Certificate of language ability (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Declaration of Purpose

Admission Procedure For USA

To be confident for obtaining best education in U.S.A. students can register to connect in Campus. They get the most excellent supervision by JIC after the registration through all the stages from Entrance to Visa.

Registration :
At what time you register with JIC you get the best excellence suggestion.

Profiling :
We assist student in profiling his credentials, showing finances, educational qualifications etc..

Consistent test :
We estimate the requirement of any standardized tests you may need to take and analysis the outcome that has been already obtained.

University & Course selection :
We assist to pick out potential countries, universities & courses that related your profile.

Application Submission :
The application form is filled, reviewed & submitted to the institution of higher education that has been decide.

Interview preparation :
We support in preparation for the interviews that you may have with the selected university.

Visa Counseling :
We support in preparation for the interviews that you may have with high commissions & embassies & analysis of papers for submission of visa request.

Pre-departure Information :
We give you all the information regarding the country their life style, living expenses, etc all the significant information of your selection & make sure that you are fully prepared for life at an in a foreign country institution of higher education.